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Places to find US online

Say It Simple – My business site.
I started my business in Jan of 2019. I’m a StoryBrand Certified Guide. Don’t know what StoryBrand is, that’s okay, for now let’s just say it’ll make me really good at being a Communications Director.
Party Of 8 Audio Network

Our family hosts 4 different podcasts. My wife and I talk about marriage, family, and the Newsboys. Our oldest and 4th daughter give each other advice. The 2nd and 3rd daughters talk hilarity non-stop. And the twins talk about twin-sy stuff. We’ve been on a summer hiatus.

Party Of 8 YT Channel
We briefly had a family YouTube channel. It was fun. The time it took for me to edit was what put it on hiatus. We may bring it back sometime.
The Acoustic Life – Blog

Earliest posts were from my youth pastor days, the last several years were mostly posts about marriage and family as a way to stay in communication with our ministry partners about our work with FamilyLife. (Started as a blog, then I migrated to Squarespace, and now on¬†WordPress so some of the links images didn’t survive the migration.)

For My Daughters with Love

My wife’s site. She’s a pretty amazing writer also.